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A Note from the Bishop’s Warden


We are entering the latter part of the season after Pentecost, some have designated this as “ordinary time”, a period for the church, not dedicated to a particular season or observance.

For us, this time has been anything but ordinary! It continues to be a time of difficulty and world-wide sorrow due to the COVID virus. Still, we believe that Christ is with us in his Word, by his Spirit drawing us together as one before God. And we believe that the gospel of Christ gives us strength and comfort in the face of distress and sufferings. This is a time when many may revisit their faith.

We have much to be thankful for! We are thankful for our Church and our dedicated membership that has continued its support during this period when we were not able to worship together. We are thankful that by utilizing the proper precautions, we began holding services again on October 18. You are invited to worship with us. You’ll find our church very welcoming to people of all faiths; our communion is open to any baptized Christian, regardless of your church affiliation. You may be Episcopalian or just curious about the Episcopal Church and want to know more about it? We will welcome you.

Please check our website for the time of our Sunday service. Because of the schedule of visiting clergy, some of our morning services begin at 9:30 and some at 10:00. They will be updated each week with the correct time.

We ask for your continued prayers for those whose families or friends have been affected by the virus, as well as for those dedicated workers who have continued to perform their tasks while being subjected to a greater risk!

We look forward to the Advent season that begins this year on November 29th, at which time we will prepare for the celebration commemorating the birth of our Savior.

Peace and Love

Allen Temple

Bishop’s Warden



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