Welcome to St. Luke’s!

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Lindale is a congregation within the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and the worldwide Anglican Communion, a global fellowship of eighty million Christians with a common theological tradition and history with the Church of England. 

We welcome all who would come to worship with us.  Our regular Sunday service is at 10:00 a.m.  We are delighted to have the Rev. Jim Cook as our celebrant each Sunday. 

Please come and join this friendly, loving congregation. 


The story of St. Luke’s began in 1991 when a group of Episcopalians living in the area started meeting together in homes. A priest from Christ Church in Tyler came to officiate communion services. In time, the group rented space in a building in downtown Lindale. By 1997, the Episcopal Diocese of Texas based in Houston gave the congregation the approval to build, and a purchase of 12 acres on FM 849 was made. The church was built in the shape of a cross with a bell tower.

A gift was made of a set of three beautiful stained-glass windows.  They were originally part of an Anglican church built in the 1600’s in London. The church was bombed in World War II, and only a wall with the three windows, now set in the wall behind the altar of St. Luke’s, remained.


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