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A Note from the Vicar

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The Season of Easter from Easter Day to Pentecost is a time of celebration when the Alleluias ring out in the service again and we celebrate the new risen life of Christ. As with all new beginnings some things will be replaced with the new. Jesus came to save his people, he came as a man to be among us and with us. He recruited his first followers and taught them in this new radical way of living that was to love one another.

This new way did not come with alleluias but with the pain of sacrifice and temporary sorrow for those who followed Jesus and witnessed his sacrifice on the cross. But then just three days later, their sorrow was turned to joy as they witnessed the risen Christ. Now was the time for alleluias and a new hope in Christ for those who believed in him because he had indeed risen.

Jesus had come, died and risen again but was now returning to his Father. He loved his followers and comforted them with the news that he would not leave them alone. He was leaving but the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, was coming to empower and inspire them. The Holy Spirit would be with them in all that they did to guide them and to give them the words and courage they would need to spread the Gospel of Jesus. Then it happened. At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit that Jesus had breathed on his     disciples arrived in a powerful event as the spirit descended on the disciples. They were no longer frightened men hiding in a room with locked doors. The doors were thrown open and the disciples stepped forth to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in the languages of the known world. The world changed that day.

It is now time for us to step forth into the world as well. A cartoon of a commencement speech had the words under it, “Your challenge is to change the world before it changes you.”  I think this is an apt phrase for Christians. We need to be the new light of Christ powered by the Holy Spirit to shine in our communities. We need to change the world whether we are a graduating senior or a senior who can inspire and guide others. It is our time to shine.

In Christ,



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