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A Note from the Vicar

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We are entering that strange time of year when we experience the highs and lows of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons and sometimes can lose sight of why we celebrate this time and who really makes it happen for us.

For mothers, this is a stressful time as they are all about preparations. They are the “Martha” of the house while others in the family do their job of watching the football games. Watching football is important but it can test the patience of the mothers.

The work of the mothers is not done with Thanksgiving though. Their next important task is to help Santa get ready for Christmas. They are out shopping the day after Thanksgiving to be the best stewards of the family’s funds to secure special and thoughtful gifts for their family and friends.

Then the mothers are working on the end-of-the-year school and work duties that must be done. Some have science projects to help complete while others are helping their aspiring actors prepare for their part in the Christmas programs at their church or school.

Then the big day comes, Christmas has arrived and the packages are wrapped, most of the food for Christmas day after church is ready and now Santa’s helper can get a few hours of sleep.

This Thanksgiving and Christmas, take time to notice those who care for us or who are no longer with us but we remember how they cared for us. These mothers showed us their love in their own ways but especially by their quiet service to the family. They are the ones with the servant nature, they are the hands of Christ in our world that show us by their example how to give, sometimes with a smile, a reassuring touch, a great meal or a perfect gift. This year, give them the special gift of thanks that will warm their heart.

In Christ,

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