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A Note from the Bishop’s Warden

We are thankful that we live in a nation where we can choose our religion or, reject religion, without fear of persecution. Many are so busy in their everyday lives that they feel they don’t have time for the church. Slow down, take the time to learn and live the teaching of the gospel- “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Soon we will be coming into the season of Advent in December. Advent means “coming” in Latin and we use the four Sundays and weeks to prepare and remember the real meaning of Christmas.

We are currently in the season of Pentecost, significant to the church as the period in which God’s people -the church- received the Holy Spirit enabling them to become witnesses for Christ throughout the nation. It’s a time to remember that God’s plan in sending His Spirit was not just for our personal lives but for the salvation of all people.

The Episcopal Church utilizes “The Christian Year” which had its origin in the Old Testament as they observed the Jewish Ritual Year. The Anglican (Episcopal), the Roman, the Greek Orthodox and the Lutheran churches each making contributions have followed this custom. The church “seasons” focus our attention and places in proper order the great truths of Christianity.

You’ll find our church very welcoming to people of all faiths; our communion is open to any baptized Christian, regardless of your church affiliation.

If you drive around the Lindale/Hideaway area you can’t help but notice new subdivisions springing up in all parts of our area. It’s an exciting time for our church to reach out to these newcomers that might be Episcopalians, as well as to those who are curious about the Episcopal Church and want to know more about it.


In Christ,

Allen G. Temple


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