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Freedom isn’t free.

This month we celebrate our independence and our freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and the right to keep and bear arms are but a few of the essential freedoms we enjoy. These are guaranteed in our constitution but the constitution is based on the concept that all of mankind is created equal. The key word is “created.” Our founding documents, and most notably the Declaration of Independence, are based on the concept of a creator who intended for us to be free. In our freedom, we are free to worship and give thanks or not. If we choose to give thanks, we are recognizing that God is above all and most notably sovereign and above all things.

In Africa today, many people are not free and are still living in slavery. The traffic of people, kidnappings, silencing of the voice of protest are all forms of slavery. In Ethiopia, the people have lived under martial law for the past year. Groups of more than three are not allowed to assemble. In Zimbabwe, a ruthless dictator has wrecked the once prosperous country that is now experiencing an economic collapse. Around the world, millions of people similarly suffer a lack of freedom.

American Christians enjoy their God-given freedoms and have a responsibility to promote freedoms around the world. Protecting the oppressed from religious persecution is one of our responsibilities. Spreading the Gospel and its liberating message is also what we are called to do in the Great Commission.

As we enjoy our freedoms this July, let us look forward to see where we can be agents of change by sharing the Gospel of Jesus and its liberating message. We can change their world one person at a time by sharing the message of Jesus.

In Christ,



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