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Many of the appointed readings for the services in the past few weeks have touched on the theme of humility and service. These attributes were framed in the context of service.   The question of how to employ humility has to do with who we put first in our lives and how we serve.

Recently, two WWII Army veterans were honored for their service in the D-Day landing on Omaha Beach. They were presented with the highest medal for valor by the nation of France in a ceremony at the local Watkins-Logan Texas State Veterans Home. This award is given for those who have gone above and beyond in an effort that sustained France. In the case of these two men, they were in the D-Day Invasion as we call it. The French saw the Allied effort not as an invasion but as an action of liberation of France to ensure its freedom.

Both men served from 1943-1945. One of the men was part of an Engineers battalion which rebuilt an essential bridge that had been destroyed by the Germans behind the Normandy beach heads. Not only did they rebuild the bridge but they did it while under artillery fire from the Germans. Their commanding officer was killed while building the critical bridge that was later named in his honor.

What made the Greatest Generation great? I think it was the way they were raised. They grew up with the values of their church, the Boy Scouts and the American way to guide them. When their call to serve came, these men and women stepped forward to serve America. Their love of country and their willingness to serve and give their lives, if necessary, reflected their level of commitment.

God has called us to serve as well. It has been 60 years since the end of the last World War but there are still needs to be met by those who will step forward as Christian soldiers and put their lives on the line for Jesus.   When we contend against anger, fear, hatred, prejudice and injustice and extend a helping hand to those in need, we are part of the good fight as followers of Jesus.

Whether we are driving a friend to help them with shopping, getting them to church or the doctor’s office, helping in a non-profit organization to help those unable to help themselves, or helping put a roof back on a tornado ravaged home, we are acting as an ambassador of Christ. We are being guided in humility to serve where and when we are able to advance the kingdom of God as Christian soldiers.

As Christians, we take up our cross daily to follow Jesus.   People may wonder why you help those who have no means of repaying you, but those you have helped have repaid you with their prayers, their re-living of your example as they pay your humble love forward to someone who they can help.

Therefore, onward Christian soldiers! Fight the good fight while you can against the forces of this world which would resist you as you follow Christ in your daily life.

In Christ,


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