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A Note from the Vicar

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We have enjoyed the light of the season of Epiphany and are now about to enter the forty days of Lent that leads to the cross at Easter. Lent is a time of reflection.

We will be having a Wednesday evening program and dinner beginning March 8th and each Wednesday evening thereafter through Lent, concluding with a Seder Meal on April 12th in Holy Week to assist us in our Lenten experience. This conversation over dinner will be about how we experience the revelation of Jesus as the   Messiah and what this means in our lives.

We will explore through the use of the book by The Reverend John Newton, “Falling into Grace,” the journey within. This excellent short book will enable us to explore and examine our lives and where our lives are headed.

One of the stories in the book is about a greyhound who quit the track. He quit because he finally realized one day that what he had been chasing all his life was not a real rabbit, and he quit chasing it.

I think that we can all identify with this problem or have experienced it at one point or another in our lives.   When we realize it, we have an epiphany, a light turns on for us, and we find a new path to follow.

The Rev. Newton takes us down this path of self-discovery to a surprising destination that may change your life and the way you view your life and your faith.

I look forward to this exploration and discovery with you as I lead the conversation over dinner.

Peace, John+


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